You are all winners, but seriously, this dude is a winner. 

"Q. What about when you are ready to quit?

A. When the moment comes that you have nothing left in your legs, when mentally you are ready to accept that the task is beyond you, and you realise that whatever plan you had was hopelessly flawed – that’s the moment you need to play your ace, the song of pure defiance that can leave you no doubt that you will finish this thing if its the last thing you do (and let’s not be coy, it might be just that). Now’s the time for Dan Sartain with Fuck Friday! Rejoice as Dan lists days of the week and says Fuck Them and Fuck You!! That will get your legs moving again. Let’s face it, it’s a fucking pointless exercise, it’s just one foot in front of the other for 4 fucking hours, don’t dress it up like it’s a pass to sainthood, just keep running, you lazy cunt! (you can use this motivational mantra yourself if you like).”


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